Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Preston's Film Debut

I haven't posted in forever, I know. So much has been going on. Our main focus right now is finishing the basement. We have been painting since the week before Thanksgiving and it feels like all the touch ups will never be done. We did get carpet on Monday so now I am vacuuming and getting it ready for the kids to move down. We just need to get the toilet and sink hooked up and they will be set. It is beautiful and I just love it. Especially the cabinets my dad built. I will post pics when it is finished.

So here is a little piece of our daily lives. Sorry for the mess in the video, but the house has been neglected while we work on the basement. I was putting Paige down for her nap and started the video for Preston. This is the first time I've let him video something without me there. The result is hilarious.