Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tyson makes a discovery

I was helping the kids brush their teeth the other night and Tyson was roaming freely. We heard a sound and looked down and there he was discovering the door stop. I can still remember Preston finding it. He was so cute. I had to get some video.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

He is Mobile!

Crawling at 7 months and he doesn't even have any teeth yet. I love my cute boy!

Pumpkin Patch

We kind of decided at the last minute to go by the pumpkin patch. We were on our way home from a quick errand and Paige didn't even have shoes on. We threw her in the wheel barrow and away we went. I liked this patch better than the one down the street. There were hardly any people there.

Family Pictures

We took these a couple of weeks ago at the quarry near Little Cottonwood canyon. I am loving this location for photo shoots because while it was super busy, there are places for everyone to take pictures. My sister Cindy came up with us and took the pictures for us. I wish I had more time to pursue a side business in photography. I do photo shoots here and there. Someday, I hope to do a lot more. I love taking pictures of people because I love how happy they are when they see a great picture of themselves. I have these pics blown up and framed on my wall and the colors are awesome. Yeah! I finally have some great pictures of my cute family that I can proudly display.