Sunday, October 24, 2010

Deer Widow Weekend

While Greg was off to galabant around in the mud an rain, I decided to make sure it was a fun weekend with the kids.

I started off the weekend by letting the kids sleep in my bed. I haven't done this before and thought it would be nice to have someone there. I worked on the computer for awhile and when I came in, I couldn't figure out how they were laying. I walked around the bed and felt a foot hanging out. I had to turn on a dim light in the bathroom to look and I laughed. I grabbed the camera and flashed a picture in the pitch dark. It didn't even phase them. I moved them back the right way and they actually slept really well.

I have been wanting to make a tinker toy set of sorts out of PVC pipes and elbows for awhile. I really want to make the water one where you attach sprinklers and fun things, but never got around to it this summer. While looking up ideas online, I found a pattern for marshmallow shooters. I have never seen these before which is surprising since I have served for years in the cub scout organization. They are so simple and cheap. Preston followed the blue print after I cut all the parts. He hadn't even shot a marshmallow and he wanted to reconfigure it and use his imagination. I love seeing that mind at work. We figured out the trick in loading the gun and the mini marshmallows blasted all the way across the basement.

Shooting at a target on the wall. We had to put it high enough that Tyson couldn't grab it.

Check out Paige's marshmallow bouncing off the wall at the top of the picture. And Tyson eagerly awaits its fall...

Tyson was more than willing to help "pick up" the ammunition that hit the floor. We kept telling him he was eating all our bullets!

That afternoon, we went over to Melissa Dahle's and watched How to Train Your Dragon. We had popcorn, pizza, and friends. What more could you ask for? The movie was so cute. I couldn't believe the animation. I will definitely be buying that one.

Sunday morning was a little crazy getting ready. We missed sacrament, but made it to the last two hours of church so I could play the piano in primary. We came home and had lunch and I put Tyson and Paige down for naps. I cuddled with Paige and dozed (one of my favorite things to do) then came upstairs to check on Preston. I was so groggy, but he wanted to make the other PVC stuff I bought. I bought 10 bigger pipes and a bunch of fittings. I wasn't sure what size to cut them. If they are too small, then you have to buy a ton of fittings which are where the expense is. I made a bunch of 1' and 2' pieces. Thankful for the PVC cutter and that I didn't have to use a hack saw. Here is my boy at work.

What a weekend. I love having time to play with my kids. As much as I would love to stay home with them all the time, I am grateful that we both appreciate our time together more because I'm gone two days a week. I'm a crafty person and always have some little project we make together. I hope they will remember these fun times.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Paige's new hair cut

Here is Paige's new do. We are twins.

Yesterday, Paige was playing with her friend Sophia. I let them get out the Halloween stuff. She saw the pumpkin pictures and asked if she could have them. Then she came up asking for tape. Then she came up asking for scissors for the tape. I didn't worry about the scissors because she uses them often. A bit later, Sophia came upstairs with her hand over the side of her hair. Paige came behind holding her hair and confessed "Mommy, sorry we cut our hair." While I was concerned about Paige, I was MUCH more worried about the neighbor girl. Her hair was much longer and she hacked a good 4 inches behind her ear along with her bangs. Paige cut part of her bangs completely off. Then took a chunk out on both sides of her hair. When I asked her why she did it, she explained.

"My hair was in my face. So I cut it." Not sure why it progressed to more. It must have gotten fun at that point. Still, it's hard not to laugh knowing she was trying to solve a problem. She just didn't choose the best solution. Luckily, Sophia's mom was cool about it and came over to show us Sophia's new hair.