Sunday, August 30, 2009

Preston the Pro Sky Skier

We spent the day Saturday at Jordanelle. What a beautiful summer day for the lake. We found a beach area up in the arm of the lake. Bob and Vicki brought their boat as well so we parked it at the beach and took ours out to ski. The best moment of the whole day was Preston getting up on the sky ski ALL BY HIMSELF. We have been putting this child ski together as we collect pieces and parts. First we tried having Grandpa pull him into the boat, but it was hard to get enough speed. I was shocked when he agreed to let Grandpa pull him behind the boat. Greg stayed in the water with him. He was a little scared and didn't want Daddy to let go. He popped right out of the water and rode until he realized Daddy wasn't there. Greg couldn't be more proud of his boy.

We also have a trainer board now that we used for Kari, Bob, and Vicki. They were all able to ride and had a great time.


I rode twice and have the callouses to prove it. I had some huge wake jumps. It was so awesome. I love getting up speed and launching at the wake. I can't believe how much higher I've gotten this year when I have only ridden a handful of times.

Greg goofing off.

And of course, we had to get the tube out for one ride. Paige was mad at first, but ended up loving it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Utah Lake with the Evans

We had a fun time at the lake with Kari and Perry yesterday. I rode first and had a great run. My jumps are getting more consistent and higher. I had a couple wake jumps that I was soaring on. It was AWESOME. Coolest feeling ever.

Perry got up for the first time. Way to go Perry! We stayed until dark and I was able to try some pictures of Greg riding with the sunset. It was a bit tricky since I was also driving the boat. The sunset was gorgeous. It was so nice to finally have a nice summer night on the lake. The kids all got out on Greg's lap too. We conned Paige into it so she was mad at us. Preston cried at first then remembered how much fun it is. Drew loved it from the beginning. And Karli was a little nervous but ended up loving it and wanted to go again as soon as she got in the boat.

Thanks for the great time guys! Great to have you back in Utah.

Cool sunset picture of Greg doing a gainer.

Preston and Karli.

Karli, Preston, and Paige mostly hung out in the bow of the boat. They love it up there. We love it because it makes more room in the back of the boat!

Drew is seriously one of the cutest kids. I just want to take his picture anytime I am around him. He is such a BOY. He loved it in the water with uncle Greg.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Preston!

Wow. My Preston is 6 years old! He had a great birthday. I felt bad because it was my weekend to work and his birthday landed on Sunday. I decided Saturday that is was worth just asking someone to trade. Lucky me, she said yes. I waited until Sunday morning to tell Preston that I didn't have to work after all. He was so excited. We had a great family day. He would open a present and play with it then want to open another one.

Preston still loves transformers so we stuck to that theme.

One of his favorite toys is the box of legos. He always talks about playing with legos when his friends have them. He loves to build so it was a perfect fit. Greg helped him make a bunch of the cars and the house in the picture.

Greg playing ball with Preston with the new foam bat and balls he got. We'll see how long it takes him to whack his sister with it. We were impressed with his coordination. He hit a lot of balls!

My mom had a cake insert for making checkerboard cakes. I used to think they were so cool. I found one at Harmon's and had to buy it. Preston thought his cake was awesome. We put his own toy on it and that was transformer enough for him.

His other favorite toy- optimus prime. He got this from Grandma Crockett. It has a bunch of transformer sounds and lines. Or he can talk into it and his voice sounds like Optimus. He LOVES it.

Also loves his Bakugans. He first saw these at his cousin, Logan's, house and loves them. They are like miniature transformers. I think they are cool because they pop up when they hit the magnet on the card. Such cool toys. Preston keeps saying he can't believe he is 6.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My cute happy baby. We found something that did not make him very happy. However, it made us laugh like crazy.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

First taste and othe cute pics

Tyson got his first taste of baby food. He wasn't too sure about it. He spit more of it out than he swallowed. We were video taping some of it and you see a spoon come at him from the side of the frame. It was Paige with a plastic spoon trying to wipe up the food from his mouth. She just wants to help. We are a few days into the rice cereal now and he is getting the hang of it more. We'll do that for a couple weeks, then start in on some veggies and fruit. He is such a sweet baby.

Tyson has discovered his feet. They are his favorite toy after his hands.

First time in the exersaucer. He liked being upright.

She is my big helper. She always wants to hug and hold Tyson.

I swear he might be teething. He chews on everything! Especially his blanket. He will even suck on my chin if he's hungry.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Off to Kindergarten

I can't believe my oldest just went off to kindergarten. We met his teacher on Friday for his assessment. He is so ready for school and eager to go. Last night he couldn't pick a book to read because he was SO excited for school. This morning he kept asking if it was time yet.

Paige and I walked him over to the bus stop across the street. He wasn't nervous at all. When the bus came, he got that cute grin that he does when he is excited about something. He got in line and walked onto the bus without a glance back. No crying, no whining, no good bye- just off to the next adventure. I am so proud of him. He is such a sweet boy. Can't wait to hear how his day goes.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hanging at the beach in Herriman?

We went to the beach with Grandma a couple of days ago. But we were nowhere near the ocean. This lake was created in Herriman just up the street from my in-laws home. We took the kids early in the morning before it got super hot. The sand is a little rough, but the kids didn't seem to mind. Preston loves playing in the sand so he is content to dig and dig. Paige had her life jacket and a floating star so she wandered out in the water. She got a little far and Preston had to save her.

Tyson chills in the shade.

Preston dug his feet in the sand and said "look mom, I'm making smoke!" He didn't know you can make "smoke" in the water.

Tyson cried a little the first time I dipped his feet. Then as it got hotter, I think he liked it to cool off. I stood him in the sand and he was perfectly happy. When I picked him up, there was sand all stuck in his little toes. I dipped his head in and he didn't cry. It was fun and so close. We will definitely have to go back. Who wants to come?