Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunny St. George

We spent the weekend in St. George with Greg's Great Grandparents, the Springers. We headed out Friday afternoon and made it down in good time. The kids struggled getting to bed, but we enjoyed staying up and visiting. In the morning, we planned to go swimming. We were getting ready for breakfast when the door opened and Bob and Vicki came walking in with Karli. We were so shocked. We couldn't believe they drove 7 hours from Phoenix just to spend one day with us. We hadn't seen them in over a year. Preston and Paige were excited and played with Karli all day long. They hardly fought and had fun playing in Grandma's dirt and stacking rocks.

We lounged around in the morning. I spent time with Grandpa Springer going through pictures and scanning them into our laptop. I am working on a history book about each of Greg's grandparents since we are fortunate enough to have them all so close. I have really enjoyed learning about each of their lives and know my kids will love these books when they are done.

We ended up going swimming at the hotel Bob and Vicki were staying at. The kids were so much fun in the pool. We have to get them out more. Paige learned to make big arm circles while floating on her back and actually moved across the pool. Greg threw her up in the air and she went SO high. She didn't even get scared. Preston paddled around in his life jacket without holding onto us. He has come along way. I even donned my swimsuit. It was 60 degrees outside and the pool was heated so it felt great to have a small taste of Summer. It definitely didn't feel like January.
Paige kissing the baby.
Hanging out with Daddy on the lovely green grass that never needs to be mowed.

I took my tripod so we were able to get a picture with all of us in it. We visited and relaxed Sunday morning. When it was almost time to go, we got a call that Bob's parents just got into town and wanted to come see us.

We spent some time with them so the kids had their grandparents and both sets of great grandparents all together. Soon it was time to go. When Bob and Vicki got in the car, the kids got in with them and wanted to go to Arizona. It was so hard to say goodbye after such a short visit. It is weird to think that our little family as we know it is about to change so much. This was our last trip with our family of four.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dang Facebook

I feel like such a slacker. Where have I been? Lurking in the lives of my friends on Facebook. Thanks Jen for pushing me to get on. That thing is so addicting at first. I've enjoyed getting in touch with some old friends though.

I hooked up with a bunch of girls from my college sorority, Theta. We all went out for dinner the week after Christmas. It is amazing how different our lives have all been just 10 years out of sorority. Three of us were pregnant. A couple already had four kids. It was so fun catching up on their lives. I was so close to these girls during a time when I really needed a support group. My best memories are not of highschool, but of my days with my sorority girls in college.

Chelsea was one of my best friends in sorority. It turns out she lives about five minutes from me. I am so excited to be in touch with her again. I remember the late nights going country dancing together at The Bay. There were always a bunch of the sorority and fraternity people from the U. We had so many great times.