Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Season

I love the holiday season. I never feel ready for it, but I really get into it. The kids are the perfect ages. They believe in Santa. Both Preston and Paige keep breaking out in random Christmas songs that they have learned at school. It's so cute. Paige especially loves music. She is obsessed with Taylor Swift. But, the other day, Preston started singing a Taylor Swift song. So funny.

Anyway, we decorated the tree a the beginning of the month. I laugh at myself because I bought this beautiful tree and decorations before I had kids. It is red and white and the ornaments are mostly glass and in the shape of candy. What was I thinking? Kids love candy! When they are toddlers, they don't get that the candy is not real. So Tyson is all over it. We quickly had to revamp our decorations and now only the top half of the tree is decorated.

I remember going downtown to see the lights as a kid. I had no concept of how hard it must have been for my parents, but I remember being in awe of those giant trees. We took the kids down this year and it was really their first time. Preston doesn't remember going when he was younger. We went out to eat at IHOP first, then headed downtown. I haven't been down there forever and didn't realize how many changes have taken place. The parking wasn't bad since we got there early, but Temple Square was packed! The kids didn't notice or care though, all they saw were the lights. They oohed and aaahed. Tyson kept saying "whoa!" and pointing at everything. Paige loved the pink lights, of course. Preston was more interested in the water features. I only took my point and shoot camera because I knew I wouldn't be able to set up my tripod. I turned off my flash and I'm impressed with the photos I got with that little camera.

Preston LOVES legos. I love what he makes with them. He is so creative. I don't know what is "normal" for a seven year old, but he seems to have a unique sense for building things. I would like to figure out how we can encourage his creativity. He came home from church a couple of weeks ago and decided to build a lego Jesus. Yeah, I don't know that any other kid would think of that. Here is what he came up with-

Preston's Lego Jesus.

Then, yesterday, he made this reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh. My favorite parts are the antlers and Santa's hat complete with the white ball on the end. Wow Preston!

And last of all for my post, here is my Tyson being his usual monkey self. He will hang from anything. Love that boy too.