Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tyson's bike

Tyson loves his bike he got for his birthday. He'll come up to me randomly and yell "bike!" because he wants to go outside. He has learned to balance already and lifts up his feet when he gets a little speed. He is getting a little too confident though and takes off down the street. I have had to chase him down a few times.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The EZ Ski

So I am actually taking the time to post something. The EZ Ski. Greg and I have been determined to find something that will get our kids out behind the boat BY THEMSELVES so they will be comfortable going solo. Eventually of course, we want them learning to hydrofoil. Preston did get up on it a couple of years ago, but has since developed a stubborn determination not to hold onto the rope when pressure is applied. We tried last year and it was a disaster.

Can't help but love the tutu sticking out under her life jacket. Love my girl.

So when we decided to go to Lake Powell a couple of weeks ago, I thought the EZ Ski would be the perfect thing. Turns out, I was right! Paige wasn't scared at all. She hopped right on and acted like she was scared between grins. She was a little nervous when the boat started moving, but the fear quickly turned to thrill. She did "no hands!" and let go of the rope. We kept telling her to stand up and she wouldn't. Then I saw a look on her face and up she went. We cheered loud and she was clearly proud of herself. I loved it.

Next up, we put Tyson on it. He was curious and thought it was fun until we pushed him out onto the water. He started to cry as we started moving forward. It didn't change to a smile, so we brought him back in. But he did it!

Preston wasn't excited AT ALL. We convinced him to sit on it and that wasn't too bad. Then Greg pushed it out onto the water and he wasn't too happy. Greg pushed him out further, then pulled the rope quickly back in so Preston could feel the pressure. The first time, he hopped right off into the water because he was mad at Greg. This was one determined child. Greg got him back on and pulled him in a few more times. He was done. The next weekend we went to Utah Lake. He didn't have a problem getting on it because he was familiar with that part by now. I started up the boat and moved forward. He was nervous and immediately made the sign to slow down, then to stop. I kept going. Finally, a smile emerged. He even let go of the rope for a few seconds. When he came back in he said "that was fun! I'm going to do it again later!" And he did. The next time, he even stood up. I was so proud of my boy! This was a huge accomplishment for him. He overcame fear and discomfort and discovered something fun. That is what it is all about.

I love boating because it is something we do as a family. Our kids are learning to face some fears and the self satisfaction that comes from accomplishment. I love it.