Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tyson is ONE!

Yep, that's right. I am actually posting on my blog again. I have been lazy, I admit it. But, my baby's first birthday can't go unrecognized. He is one year old today. Although yesterday was the day that brought all the memories because that was when I went into labor. Tyson was born at 12:45 a.m.

We celebrated last night with a little birthday party with grandparents. I chose a mickey mouse them, but was frustrated that I couldn't find birthday hats ANYWHERE. We settle for mickey mouse ears.

Tysee loved all his toys, especially the glow worm and the mail box. When we pushed on his worm, it lit up and so did his face. He smiled and giggled and looked at us and looked at it. He was amazed. When I gave him his mail box, he quickly figured out how to put the mail in the slot, then open the lid to pull it back out. He was so content playing with his toys that I hated to pull him away for cake.

Ahh, the cake. This was classic. Finally, my third baby really "got" it. It did take a minute to figure out. We sang to him and Preston blew out his candle. Then we put the little cake in reaching distance. He put his hand right on top and the icing stuck to it. He got this look of disgust and confusion because it was stuck to his hand and he couldn't get it off. He wiped it on the table, then looked at his hand. We put a little icing in his mouth and that set him off. His hands went back into the cake and finally made it to his mouth. He ended up getting chocolate cake all over his chair, his balloons, his face, his feet, the floor, everywhere. Preston and Paige were happy to help him eat his cake as well. We all enjoyed our usual cookies and cream ice cream cake.

He played with his toys until bedtime. It was a perfect one year birthday.