Thursday, April 16, 2009

One Month Old

Tyson is one month old today! I can't believe it has already been this long. I got so worked up about how hard it was going to be going through another cesarean and now I'm a month past it and feeling great. I was also so worried about going back to the newborn phase and so far he has been easier and happy. Cross my fingers. He nurses great so I don't have to pump a million times a day like before. I love just relaxing on the couch in the middle of the night while he nurses. Sometimes I fall asleep and wake up to find him sleeping too. He has been great at night. I usually get three hours of sleep before he wakes up the first time, then he goes another three and three. I can function pretty well if I get a total of 6 hours. He eats and goes right back to sleep. Sometimes I am only up for a half an hour. Love that. With Preston I would feed him a bottle, get him back to sleep, then have to pump. I was up forever. It was so exhausting.

He is such a content baby too. He still sleeps a lot. He is awake for one to two hours a couple times a day. It amazes me how I am never bored of just watching him and holding him. The kids adore him. They want to know where he is all the time. They are always asking to hold him. We intended to call him Ty, but Preston calls him Tyse and I think it's cute. We'll see which one sticks. The other day, Paige was holding him and said "He's my favorite boy. He's a special boy. I'm going to keep him forever and ever." She is constantly kissing his head and petting his hair. She asks "can I pet him?" I just laugh.

I've had my mother-in-law here every day and it has been wonderful to have the help with the kids. I am a little nervous to really be on my own next week with all three of them. It's not bad until Preston and Paige start fighting or everyone needs something at the same time. We'll see. I'm sure I can handle it. I love having this time home with the kids. I feel so detached from my job and the people I work with. It's kind of weird. I keep thinking I have to go to work but I still have four weeks. I want to enjoy this time off since it is the last I'll have it.

Happy Easter

Easter was a lot of fun this year. The kids couldn't wait to dye Easter eggs. I only did 18 and was surprised that it didn't feel like enough. Their favorite thing was to draw with crayons and see how it looked when it came out. We made an egg with each of their names on it.

When Preston woke up on Easter morning, his first question was "Did the Easter bunny come? Can I go look?" They ripped through their baskets and pulled all the grass out. We had Greg's parents over for breakfast. I made a yummy breakfast casserole. We had a good day to relax. Paige was sick, so she stayed at home with me and the baby while everyone went to church. We did a dutch oven dinner and visited. It is nice to have Bob and Vicki back in Utah.

The kids helped me take an Easter picture of Tyson. They decorated him with eggs.

I wanted a quick family picture, but it was so cold outside.