Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cute pics of the kids

We were actually ready for church on time one Sunday so I took a moment to snap some shots of the kids. I like this one of Preston because it shows his beautiful eyes.

I tried to play around with color over black and white. I love the innocence in her look here.

My Princess Paige.

Tyson started smiling a couple of weeks ago. He is making some cooing sounds too. I love to kiss his cheeks. At his two month doctor visit, he was 10 lbs 11 oz. Some babies are born that size!

Earlier this week, I made my first attempt at a photo shoot with all three kids. It didn't last long and was accompanied by some bribes, but I got a few cute ones.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Paige's surgery

Paige had surgery on her foot on Monday. The previous Thursday, she got a puncture wound on top of her foot by a stick. We think she tripped. Her foot was bleeding like crazy. I got her home and didn't have a clue how to care for it. I read that we should just wash it and apply neosporin. I did that, called her doctor, and watched for signs of infection.

By Saturday night, her foot began to turn red and swell up. I took her to instacare where she was given an antibiotic and told to come back in the morning. She appeared to look better in the morning so we took her to church and figured the antibiotic would continue to do it's job.

Monday morning, there was a small raised area around the wound. I was pretty sure there must be a foreign body in there from the stick. Greg took her to the doctor who sent them right up to Primary Children's Hospital. Greg spent 7 hours up there in a small room as they did an ultrasound, then an x-ray, then ultimately decided to do surgery. It was the longest day for him and he was starving. I got up there just before her surgery. It went well. They cleaned out the abscess and found a small piece of the stick near the bone. We spent two days at the hospital. She came home Wednesday afternoon on antibiotics and is doing great.

Hanging out in her bed at the hospital. The nurses were amazing. We couldn't believe how they catered to the kids there. She got plenty of pink gatorade, a princess fleece blanket, and watched all the Dora that she wanted.

Paige loved playing in the Forever Young play room. She made all kinds of crafts and played with the dolls. Grandpa came to visit Tuesday afternoon and helped her make pictures for Daddy. They also made a necklace out of beads.

I spent Tuesday up there with Paige and the baby. I took my nifty baby sling and carried Tyson in it while pulling Paige around in a wagon. Tyson slept a lot that day so I was able to care for my little girl. I even got a brief nap thanks to the nurses offering to hold him.

Preston was concerned about his sister. He was happy he was able to come visit her. They watched T.V. in her bed and played in the play room. What an eventful week. We are grateful she is doing well and grateful to be home.