Thursday, November 13, 2008

The dentist?

I took Preston to a dentist about a year and a half ago and everything looked great. He didn't act like it was a big deal to really take them until they are five. We didn't put the kids on our dental plan because, hey, they didn't need it yet. This last few weeks, Preston's teeth have been bothering him and he keeps getting food stuck between his back molars. I made an appointment with our new dentist, who is also our kind neighbor. Preston was excited to go because he had just been to the dentist on a school field trip. That was a nice prep thing.

Anyway, it turns out he has four cavities, three of which are close to the root and may need a mini root canal. We called the insurance to see about getting him on it. They cover check-ups, but no dental work for a year from when you sign them up. Wow. So here I am with decent insurance, but no coverage so I get to pay cash. $$$ Ouch. Good thing we learned this lesson now.

The moral of the story- take your kids to the dentist as soon as they have teeth! Put them on your insurance even if they ARE only two.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Big Girl

Greg and I have debated how we are going to get Paige off of her pacifier which she affectionately refers to as her "mi-mi". When a child can carry on a conversation without removing it from her mouth, or flip it right side up without the use of her hands, she is entirely too old for it. The silly thing is, she still uses the 0-6 months ones and doesn't like the bigger ones.

While Greg was on the deer hunt, I tried to put her to bed without it one night because they were all lost. She seemed to understand that. She woke up at midnight traumatized. I got her back to sleep and she woke up at 1:30. This time there was no calming her. I decided it may not be worth the trauma to just go cold turkey.

Our new approach is to restrict it to bedtime. On Sunday, we told her that it was only for bed. Then, we had to stick to our guns and follow through- the hard part. There is something so satisfying about making our children happy that it is difficult to withhold something she wants so bad. But, we persevered. We distracted her all through sacrament and almost gave up twice.

When we got home, she beelined for her bed. So, the funny part is that I didn't specify sleep only, I merely said if she wants it, she has to suck on it in her bed. She quickly discovered that it didn't matter what time of day it is, if she sat in her bed, she could suck on it. I went with it. All week, she has been going into her room at random times to get a "hit".

Two days into it, she started getting sneaky. She came out of her room with her blanket over her mouth thinking I wouldn't know what was under there. She pretended to be a ghost and when I lifted up her blanket, there it was. I heard my door shut and went to open it. She locked it and sat behind it sucking on her mimi. Now, we are on day four and she is doing much better. She still claims to be tired so she can sit in her bed a little, but when she gets out, she leaves it there. Or, she brings it to me and says "don't need it, I'm a big girl". Hopefully, we can phase this thing out before the baby comes. Any advice would be most appreciated.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cindy's Family Pics

I took the Bee family pictures last week. I love taking photos outdoors, but I never know where to go. I love Murray Park, but so do about 15 other photographers when you go there during "golden hour". It's annoying because there are always people in the background. Cindy knew of this great place. She even recognized it from photos done by Mar Del. They were shocked that she knew where it was. We decided to check it out. The colors were great and she dressed her family perfectly for it. Her kids are a great age because they will listen to what I ask, even if not very willing. We took them out for Golden Corral after so they weren't complaining.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween isn't complete without seeing the witches at Gardner Village. I met up with Kari and Perry in the afternoon. The weather was actually pretty nice.

The kids had so much fun pointing out witches and running around. Preston kept getting ahead of us in search of the next one. Here I got Paige copping a feel on the same witch she tried to kiss the year before!

Kari hanging out with the chocolate loving witch.

We promised the kids a treat in the end and headed for the bakery. Their prices were ridiculous and the line was long so we left. Preston was traumatized and I needed to stick to my promise so we headed over to Dunford bakery on my way home. All I could think is why am I buying donuts on the biggest candy day of the year?

Preston was so eager to get out trick-or-treating in the evening. He did NOT want to eat food,especially food that is long. Apparently some food is short to him in terms of how long it takes to eat it. I should have given him a nap earlier. We finally got everyone fed and ready to head out. The kids lasted a lot longer this year than last year. I think we did half the street last year and Preston said his bucket was heavy and wanted to go home. This year, I couldn't get him to stay with us. He just kept running ahead. We went around our entire huge block. I couldn't believe how much of it Paige was able to run. She had on her light up princess shoes so she was this little white angel bopping down the side walk with red lights going crazy. She definitely got the whole trick-or-treating thing this year. It rained on us the whole time, but it was just a light sprinkle. The kids didn't wear jackets and didn't even complain about the rain. Candy was the number one focus. It was a great evening and good to spend time with Kari and Perry.

Mom's Halloween Party

Mom's Halloween party was a lot of fun this year. Kari and Perry came to visit from Arizona so Preston had all of his cousins at this party except for Bentley and Landon who live in Texas.

Aundi put together a great scavenger hunt for the kids that led them all over the yard to find treasures. The kids were a little out of control, but I think they had fun. Preston and Karli played in the playhouse a lot. Preston liked finding ghost suckers on the scavenger hunt.

Cute baby Drew. This week was our first time meeting him and he is already a year old! He is so adorable. I love his angel face and sweet giggles.