Sunday, February 6, 2011


Tyson is obsessed with Elmo. I think it's adorable. All of my kids have like Elmo, but I think Tyson loves him most. He says his name very clearly. I am convinced that I hear that word out of his mouth more than I hear Momma. Every time we walk by my room, he yells out "ELMO!" If we are in the living room and the television is off, he points to the t.v. "ELMO!" When I tell him no, he puts his head in his hands and cries. It's a tough life. Love my cute little boy.


Megan said...

That boy is so darn cute! Just look at him REVELLING in his multiple Elmos. It's like been in heaven. Afton has one Elmo and she loves him. But she's not like THAT! That is so freaking cute! No wonder you want to scrapbook an Elmo page!

Cynthia said...

Now how can you NOT swoon? That is so cute. My kids have watched it multiple times. I love that little guy- he is just pure joy!